Crypto David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer of Ripple Labs

Published on February 17th, 2014 | by Donald McIntyre


Ripple Labs Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz Talks About Malleability In Bitcoin

David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer of Ripple Labs

David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer at Ripple Labs

In February of 2014 Bitcoin was hit by a well known, but nevertheless problematic flaw of the protocol called “malleability”.

Even if it doesn’t pose a threat to the global distributed ledger where all transactions are posted, it does represent a source of confusion for exchanges and other operators since it may interfere with their proper accounting systems.

But the question is what is malleability and is this a problem for all digital currencies?

David Schwartz was kind enough to talk with Newfination about this issue and in this interview he also talks about the differences with the Ripple network:

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