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Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet iPhone App Review in 12 Images – A Big Step For Bitcoin!

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet iPhone App Review in 12 Images – A Big Step For Bitcoin! Donald McIntyre


Admin features

Summary: It is welcome that Apple has finally authorized Bitcoin wallets in its ecosystem and even more exiting that Blockchain is the first one to offer one. Although the app design is excellent it may be cumbersome for Bitcoin newbies.


Good start!

User Rating: 3.9 (1 votes) has been one of the pioneer startups in the Bitcoin space and an advanced blockchain information, market, trading, and wallet service. Its reputation and professional service has earned it millions of users in all of its services.

Like it was reported by a few months ago, in an interview with CEO Nicolas Cary, the company’s wallet app was banned from the Apple app store for reasons not explained by the iPhone manufacturer.

Fortunately for Bitcoin and its growing community of users and advocates Apple has changed its policies and today the Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet app is back up in the iOS system.

Here is how it works:

1. When you download the app and open it you need to setup your Bitcoin account:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet welcome page

2. You can create a new wallet account from scratch:

Blockchain create new wallet

3. Or you can pair (connect) you existing Blockchain Bitcoin wallet automatically:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet automatic pairing

4. Or you can pair it manually:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet manual pairing

5. Then you need to select a 4 digit security passcode:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet activate a passcode

6. And voila! You are on the app’s home page which is your transaction history page:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet home is transaction history

7. By clicking on a transaction you can see its details:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet transactions details

8. When you need to receive Bitcoin you go to the “receive” page where you can select what Bitcoin address to use, scan a private key, or create a new address:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet receive page

9. To send or pay with Bitcoin you go to the “send” page where you enter the amount and the destination address, you can choose from which of your addresses to send from, and hit send:

Blocchain Bitcoin Wallet send page

10. To make your life easier you can choose a destination address from your “address book”:

Blocchain Bitcoin Wallet send choose from address book

11. Or you can scan a QR code:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet send using QR code

12. Finally, you can manage your wallet and settings on the admin page:

Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet admin page

Get the app here >>>

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