Andrew Pevsner Talks About [Video Interview]

Andrew Pevsner was until very recently a pro baseball player for the Dodgers’ minor leagues, but his economics and financial backgrounds and studies lead him to opt back into the markets.

A few months ago he decided to join the team at, the independent Facebook of the stock market, and he is also an active participant in the network.

In this interview he talks to us about and how it puts together investors, financial publications, and listed companies together to create intelligent conversations about stock market investing:

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Author: Donald McIntyre

Editor of Naation: Communicating to the world the advantages of financial technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum, sidechains, and blockchain in general. Founder of Etherplan: The global wealth management network. Co-founder and advisor of Global Financial Access: Helping people everywhere access assets issued anywhere in the world. Previously, was founder of McIntyre S.A., Dineronet, and Senior Vice President at Morgan Stanley and Vice President at UBS Securities.