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Published on March 1st, 2013 | by Donald McIntyre


Simon Roy Talks About Jemstep.com [Video Interview]

Simon Roy is the President of Jemstep.com and, like many of us, a creature in the middle of finance and technology. In his case he started in finance, but now lives and works at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Simon’s company, Jemstep.com, is a perfect de-cosntruction agent in the financial services world as it helps investor plan and implement investing for retirement by providing key parts of the puzzle, but in a way where users don’t need to unwind everything they’ve done up to now.

Jemstep.com is an online financial Advisor that with sophisticated technology and financial knowledge solves the retirement problem in a very simple way.

Please watch this interview where Simon talks to us about how Jemstep.com helps investors plan and invest for retirement:

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