From Mumbai Mukund Mudras And Som Sagar Talk About Heckyl [Video Interview]

Everybody is talking about trading strategies using “Twitter sentiment” this is by capturing and measuring the tweets about investments and understanding if that means people are negative, neutral, or positive about them.

Imagine doing this about the investments you follow like gold, Apple stock, the Euro, Bitcoins,  or even Treasury Bonds, but instead of using only Twitter using all the information in the world! Well, this is exactly what Heckyl does.

Heckyl captures what is being said about investments from blogs, social networks, investment bank analysts, exchanges around the planet, news websites, to any other source you can imagine. The system then filters and excludes the irrelevant parts and organizes the rest by investment or category. So if you want to know what’s happening with interest rates or what is a specific hedge fund doing it is as easy to get as a stock quote.

In this interview Mukund Mudras and Som Sagar, founders of Heckyl, explain how it works:

Check out Heckyl’s website and apply for a demo here >>>

Heckyl - Sentiment Heat Map >>>
Heckyl – Sentiment Heat Map >>>

Author: Donald McIntyre

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