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Published on May 1st, 2013 | by Donald McIntyre


From Beijing Roger Ying Talks About Pandai.cn

Where in western countries we see peer-to-peer lending as a novelty enabled by the internet in China it has been a common practice for years!

As the banking system is state owned and they never had any real competitive drive financial institutions have always catered to big corporations and government. With economic development in the last four decades there was a huge void in consumer and small business finance. This space has been covered by “underground banks”, pawn shops, and “guarantee companies”.

Consequently the lending market in China has been rather unstable, prone to fraud, and only geared to short term, high rate loans.

But this is changing as many online companies like Pandai.cn are bringing transparency and accountability to the system.

In this interview Roger Ying, Founder and CEO of Pandai.cn, tells us how the company is helping retail and business borrowers get much better deals, and explains how the platform works:

Check out Pandai.cn here >>>

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