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Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Donald McIntyre


Sarah Kaufman Talks About The Relationship Between Manilla And The Manilla Blog [Video Interview]

As I wrote before Manilla is a unique case within the new finance sector. Unlike the majority of services, they are not really trying to convince users to quit their financial providers, in fact they are enhancing the relationship between providers and their customers. A majority of Manilla customers are reporting that they prefer to connect with their providers through Manilla and that they actually visit their websites more.

The other unique part of Manilla is its blog. It is a rich source of content, articles and videos, that focuses on the two objectives of Manilla’s mission: money and organization. Not only does it feature great articles and “mini” videos, but its list of contributors is impressive.

In this interview Sara Kaufman, Marketing Manager and head of Manilla’s blog, talks about Manilla and how the Manilla’s blog enhances the company’s strategy and users lives!

Check out the Manilla Channel on Newfination >>>

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Manilla Blog >>>

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