BitPay Processed A $1,000,000 Bitcoin Payment Transaction- Interview With Founder Tony Gallippi

Tony Gallippi, founder and CEO of BitPay
Tony Gallippi, founder and CEO of BitPay

Bitcoin is not only a currency and a payments network that is changing the way we manage our money, but also a passion for many of us who follow what’s happening in the space.

It was amazing to read the news today that BitPay, a leading Bitcoin payments service provider (PSP), processed a $1,000,000 transaction for its client, Kansas City-based Bitcoin mining hardware manufacturer, Butterfly Labs.

Tony Gallippi, founder and CEO of BitPay, was kind enough to sit for a G+ Hangout interview to discuss the historic transaction and to explain what is BitPay and how it works.

We spoke about:

– BitPay proccessed a historic $1,000,000 Bitcoin transaction!
– What is BitPay?
– A global service? Can merchants connect their bank accounts?
– Why is Bitcoin a better payment medium?
– Why is BitPay good for international and large transactions too?
– What are the fees for merchants?

Please watch the video below:

Author: Donald McIntyre

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