eToro’s Mati Greenspan Alerts About European Interest Rate Cut

With the long lasting European financial and economic crisis the European Central Bank has been lowering interest rates, but at a much slower pace than in the US.

Consequently it is a big issue if the ECB modifies rates and, what is more important, to actually anticipate if it will do so.

In this interview eToro’s Senior Financial Consultant, Mati Greenspan, alerts us on what is the new interest rate buzz in the currency market and on the eToro platform:

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This is Mati Greenpsan’s blog post today on eToro about the current interest rate sentiment in Europe >>>

eToro - Currencies markets on The Social Investment Network   eToro OpenBook   eToro OpenBook

Kasey Kaplan Talks About is a banking platform for college students that puts together banking services, social connections, local venue reviews, and rewards and promotions.

Life around college can be a very tight microcosm where students always interact with the same friends, always go to the same stores and venues, and always have the same money needs. These money needs can be to have a bank account, a debit card, to move money between social connections, and, of course, pay bills. provides a platform that has all of these things together and helps college students interact with their money in a much more organized (and fun!) way.

In this interview Kasey Kaplan, Chief Marketing Officer at, talks about the different components of the service and how it is helping students manage their money:

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From Mumbai Mukund Mudras And Som Sagar Talk About Heckyl [Video Interview]

Everybody is talking about trading strategies using “Twitter sentiment” this is by capturing and measuring the tweets about investments and understanding if that means people are negative, neutral, or positive about them.

Imagine doing this about the investments you follow like gold, Apple stock, the Euro, Bitcoins,  or even Treasury Bonds, but instead of using only Twitter using all the information in the world! Well, this is exactly what Heckyl does.

Heckyl captures what is being said about investments from blogs, social networks, investment bank analysts, exchanges around the planet, news websites, to any other source you can imagine. The system then filters and excludes the irrelevant parts and organizes the rest by investment or category. So if you want to know what’s happening with interest rates or what is a specific hedge fund doing it is as easy to get as a stock quote.

In this interview Mukund Mudras and Som Sagar, founders of Heckyl, explain how it works:

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Heckyl - Sentiment Heat Map >>>
Heckyl – Sentiment Heat Map >>>

From Mumbai Adhil Shetty Talks About BankBazaar [Video Interview]

While he was studying in New York Adhil’s friend in India was going crazy trying to find, negotiate, and finally get approved for a bank loan. This overwhelming trouble was their motivation to start BankBazaar, a consumer lending market place in India.

BankBazaar puts together bank lending products from the best Indian providers, your relevant credit information, and consumers seeking bank loans to make everything happen. The result is that consumers get approved instantly and banks save tremendous amounts of money by automating the lending offer and approval system.

In this interview Adhil talks about his background and explains how BankBazaar works:

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BankBazaar >>>
BankBazaar >>>

Vlad Tenev And Baiju Bhatt Talk About The Robinhood Crowdsourcing Stock Rating App [Video Interview]

Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt are two Stanford mathematicians applying their knowledge to Wall Street in two very unique ways.

Not only are they putting together a community of investors, traders, and pros to crowdsource their knowledge to enhance investing performance, but, in doing this, they are also breaking a long standing hold on Wall Street: control of information.

It could be said they are acting as a “Robin Hood” of stock market information. In fact, their app is called Robinhood!

Robinhood democratizes who rates stocks by letting members assign buy or sell recommendations, price targets, and in what time frames to stocks. Just like in new media we can all be journalists, commentators, or opinion leaders, with the Robinhood app we can all be research analysts.

In this interview Vlad and Baiju talk about their backgrounds and explain their vision for Wall Street stock market information and how Robinhood works:

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This is the Vlad, Baiju, and thus Robinhood’s philosophy manifesto >>>

Robinhood >>>
Robinhood >>>

Bethy Hardeman Talks About Credit Karma [Video Interview]

Credit Karma is a huge, fully integrated personal finance portal and community.

Where many have failed to successfully put together online financial services, with editorial information, with member participation, Credit Karma has created a vibrant space where not only you can monitor and manage your credit situation, but you can also have all of your financial accounts in one place, find the best financial products for your profile, and review and interact with other people in your same situation.

It originally started as a credit score monitoring service in 2007, later they integrated credit cards, loans, and other financial products comparisons and reviews, and now they added “Insights” which is a full service account aggregation and monitoring section.

In this video Bethy Hardeman, Communications Director of Credit Karma, explains the different services and how Credit Karma gives you all the information you need to manage your personal finances:

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Credit Karma >>>
Credit Karma >>>

eToro’s Mati Greenspan Talks About Gold And The Yen [Video Interview]

On the eToro platform you can open an account, participate in their Social Trading Network, and follow and “copy” other traders.

Mati Greenspan is the Senior Financial Consultant at the company and in this video he talks about Gold’s lates movements (downwards!) the US, Japan, and where the Yen is going, and, of course, we talk about Bitcoin in a world where currencies are manipulated for political reasons:

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This is Mati Greenspan’s profile on eToro >>>

eToro - gold screen >>>
eToro – gold screen >>>

eToro’s Mati Greenspan And Stefan Thomas, Founder Of WeUseCoins, Talk About Bitcoin Volatility And Security

Given the market volatility and “technology volatility” when it came to trading Bitcoin I decided to talk to Mati Greenspan, Senior Financial Consultant at eToro, and Stefan Thomas, Founder of WeUseCoins, to give their respective trading and technological perspectives.

It is important to clarify that the Bitcoin is the unit that is used as a currency and this is a separate entity to the exchanges where it trades. It is the same difference between a stock and the stock market. The exchanges are central marketplaces, like eBay, that aggregate traders and investors, and their technology is separated to that of the Bitcoin network itself.

In this interview Mati talks about market volatility, Stefan explains what happened in the last few days in terms of technology, and some issues are clarified:

Pete Matthew Talks About Financial Planning And The Internet [Video Interview]

From beautiful Cornwall, in the south western tip of United Kingdom, Pete Mathew has been producing videos and posting them on his personal website since 2009.

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As an IFA (Independent Financial Adviser) he works in a traditional financial planning practice, Jacksons Wealth Management, but he decided to embrace the internet to expand his message and that of Financial Planning.

His mission with online video, and also podcasting, is to make financial planning not exclusive to the rich, but to help everybody who wants to hear. The concept is to educate and spread the word, but it happens that has also turned into an effective prospecting tool for his business.

This is a great lesson as many of us turn to the internet to blog, video, podcast, and sincerely spread the word of our values and help others, many times some of that help comes back in our direction!

In this video Pete talks about his background, the lovely views in Cornwall, and explains how he leverages the internet to amplify Financial Planning:

Check out Pete’s educational videos here >>>

This is Pete’s “about” video on where he explains his philosophy of personal finance education:

Pete Matthew - >>>
Pete Matthew – >>>

Chris Corriveau Talks About StockTwits’ Sentiment Tools

Chris is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of StockTwits and is largely responsible for the development of the website and mobile apps.

Some of the most useful features of StockTwits are the sentiment tools. Normally, when we go to financial websites we have the classic stock quote pages. On StockTwits you can also see price action and quotes, but they include the sentiment and give you the “color” of the market. They do this by combining message volume in their platform instead of stock trading volume like the traditional websites do.

In this interview Chris talks about his background and explains the “Signals” features on StockTwits including the Heatmap, Stocks, and People pages:

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Checkout StockTwits Heatmap here >>>

StockTwits' Sentiment Heatmap >>>
StockTwits’ Sentiment Heatmap >>>

Carl-Henrik Somp Talks About Trustly [Video Interview]

Imagine going to Craigslist and finding a button to pay whatever you bought on the website. Also, imagine using this service without having to register or go through any signup process. Well, Trustly does exactly that.

Carl-Henrik created Trustly with his partners and it operates in Sweden and three other European markets. The company uses a unique system to move money from any bank account to any bank account instantly. The service is applied to online market places to enable peer to peer payments and is also used for regular e-commerce websites to sell to their customers.

In this interview Carl-Henrik, COO of Trustly, talks about the origins of the company and how the service works:

Check out Trustly here >>>

Trustly - home >>>
Trustly – home >>>

From Tokio Gonzague Gay-Bouchery Explains How MT.GOX Bitcoin Exchange Works [Video Interview]

The Bitcoin exchange MT.GOX handles more than 80% of global daily Bitcoin trading. In all of 2012 they opened 10.000 accounts, but since the beginning of 2013 there have been 75.000 new accounts opened.

At the same time daily trading volume (the amount of Bitcoins actually traded in a single day) has gone up from a few thousand Bitcoins to more than 220 thousand (and growing exponentially).

In this video, Gonzague Gay-Bouchery, MT.GOX Marketing Director and Corporate Communications Manager, explains how the exchange works:

To open an account at MT.GOX go here >>>

Mt.Gox - Bitcoin Exchange >>>
Mt.Gox – Bitcoin Exchange >>>

Dan Egan, Of Betterment, Talks About Behavioral Finance And Investing

Dan Egan’s interest in what are the reasons why people do things go back to his years in college where he majored in economics, but also took some courses in psychology. He applied this way of looking at things in his career in general, but now, as Director of Behavioral Finance and Investing, he is taking Betterment’s investment service to the next level.

With Dan’s work Betterment has become a very interesting mix of high technology, sophisticated investment strategy, and behavioral science. When we use Betterment we not only get investment and asset allocation advice, but we get it in a way that we actually use it!

In this video Dan talks about his background and explains how the company is applying behavioral finance to better manage your money:

These are Dan’s articles on the Betterment Blog >>>

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Betterment's Blog: psicology >>>
Betterment’s Blog: psicology >>>

Stefan Thomas Of Talks About Bitcoin [Video Interview]

Stefan is a strong supporter of the Bitcoin ecosystem and for that, along with other Bitcoin community members, he created which is a website that explains and educates about the digital currency.

On WeUseCoins is where I saw the best video I have found up to now that explains the concept of the currency and how it is used.

In this interview Stefan talks about his background and explains how Bitcoins are created and how this decentralized system works:

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This is the WeUseCoins Bitcoin Video:

WeUseCoins >>>
WeUseCoins >>>

Roger Chinchilla Talks About Refundo [Video Interview]

For ten years the team that makes up Refundo has been helping tax professionals process their client’s tax refunds. At the same time they were always helping their unbanked and under-banked end users actually get their refunds by opening bank accounts.

So it was only natural that now they have integrated their services and provide the Refundo platform where end users can process their tax refunds and get banking services all in one place.

Roger is a NY based financial pro and as CEO of Refundo and a Latinamerican immigrant himself knows his market very well. His mission: finally enable the unbanked and under-banked population (68 million only in the US) get a state-of-the-art, low cost, banking service.

In this video roger talks about his background and explains Refundo’s features and services:

Prepare your taxes and “bank yourself!” with Refundo here >>>

Refundo >>>
Refundo >>>

Howard Lindzon Talks About StockTwits

The keyword is “social leverage”. As creator of StockTwits Howard Lindzon knows that the chatter is going on even if regulators like it or not: it’s part of freedom and how the internet enables us to interact.

Howard’s vision is that first came the markets, then the internet democratized information, and now it’s going social. When I say “going” it seems it’s something of the future, but the reality is that StockTwits already has tens of thousands of users that, on a daily basis, talk about stocks on the platform.

The “future” part then is that not only market savvy traders, but also mainstream investors, companies, analysts, and publishers are going to adopt StockTwits as a stock investing idea, market sentiment, and communications center.

In this interview Howard talks about his background, explains StockTwits, and gives his outlook on Amazon (AMZN), Apple (AAPL), and BlackBerry (BBRY):

To start “stocktweeting” check out StockTwits here >>>

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StockTwits >>>

Twitter >>>

His blog >>>

StockTwits >>>
StockTwits >>>

Marisol Menendez Alvarez And Luz Fernandez Espinosa Talk About [Video Interview]

How can we capitalize the stock buzz on twitter to make more money in the market? is doing it!

I was astounded when Marisol and Luz explained to me how BBVA is reshaping financial technology in Europe and elsewhere. They are a new finance accelerator! This cannot be true, how will a huge traditional European bank disrupt its own industry?

Well, BBVA created a special division just for this, the “Open Innovation Team” (and they even included the “O” word in the name!). is one of the projects being developed by the team and they are sure revolutionizing “big data” in finance. In any given day the service picks up all the twits about stocks and stock markets, interprets them, and draws conclusions of what is the sentiment in social media about stocks and stock indexes.

In this interview Marisol and Luz talk about their backgrounds, tell us how the BBVA Open Innovation Group works, and explain

Check out to see what is the buzz in Spanish stocks here >>>

StockBuzz-es - home

Taavet Hinrikus Talks About TransferWise, The Skype Of International Money Transfer [Video Interview]

TransferWise will change the money transfer business forever. And Taavet should know, he already did it in the global telecommunications industry. Taavet was the first employee of Skype when it originally started in Estonia!

For TransferWise he is applying the same concepts: use the internet to harness the power of peer-to-peer. But in this case he is enabling people transferring money in opposite ways to match their transactions and thus lowering the total transfer cost to a fraction of what it was. And a “fraction” is not 10% discount, think 90%!

As brilliant and simple as this sounds this has never been an easy task. Banks and international financial institutions have held this market hostage for years where their commissions have been anywhere from 5% to 10% for an ordinary remittance.

In this interview Taavet talks about his background and explains how TransferWise works:

Stop paying crazy remittance fees so check out TransferWise here >>>

TransferWise >>>
TransferWise >>>

Christian Cruz And Donald McIntyre Talk About Zynga And Stockr [Video Chat]

3 Days ago Christian Cruz posted on Stockr that he bought shares of Zynga (ZNGA) and I commented on his post asking if Zynga was already “independent” from Facebook.

The way I wrote it made him laugh and then he answered that he followed another Stockr user, Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, for fundamental information about that stock and that he based his decision on his own technical analysis.

This made me think of how the social investment network was connecting different types of experts and investors and how it helped form investment and trading opinions by providing a place on the internet to share investment ideas.

So I decided to invite Christian to a Google Plus Hangout to talk first about his opinion about Zynga and then to share our experience using Stockr, here is the video:

Check out Stockr here >>>

Zynga profile on Stockr >>>
Zynga profile on Stockr >>>

eToro Will Adopt The Bitcoin: Mati Greenspan Talks About Cyprus And The Bitcoin [Video Interview]

Mati Greenspan is senior investment consultant at eToro and he kindly took the time to talk to us about the Cyprus crisis. Also, he explained the Bitcoin, its popularity, and that it will be used on the eToro platform.

Being eToro a global platform and that it was started in Cyrpus Yoni Assia, eToro’s Founder and CEO also wrote a blog post explaining how eToro’s acounts are totally protected on the company’s platform. Please read the post here:

Please watch our conversation here:

To start trading global currencies with eToro go here >>>

eToro >>>
eToro >>>

Esther Stearns Talks About NestWise [Video Interview]

Sometimes the best service is not attained by providing an online platform only. Proof of this is NestWise, a financial planning firm that effectively combines an integrated online financial solution, with account services, with real life financial planners.

This is not a surprise since Esther Stearns, NestWise’s CEO, is an experienced executive in the financial services industry, and NestWise is a wholly owned subsidiary of LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer.

In this interview Esther talks about her background, NestWise’s philosophy, and some of its features:

Start planning for your financial future with NestWise here >>>

NestWise >>>
NestWise >>>

Vinny Jindal Talks About And Comments About Amazon, Facebook, And Apple Stocks [Video Interview]

Vinny Jindal migrated from science in the biotechnology business, to technology, to finance where things are not that different after all.

The biotechnology sector has always been a fertile industry for opportunities for investors as mature companies and start ups regularly find new ways of improving our health. Information technology is about math, science, engineering, and Silicon Valley billion dollar companies, and finance is where they all meet to trade their stocks!

So its only natural that Vinny decided to start, a place where we can all meet to talk about these and any other topic regarding current trends in business and stock prices.

In this interview Vinny talks about his background, Stockr and we debate about Amazon, Facebook and Apple stocks:

To talk about stocks and stock investing join the conversation at here >>>

Stockr >>>
Stockr >>>

Shamir Karkal Talks About Simple [Video Interview]

Simple is a real new finance banking service in the sense that it is totally dedicated to provide the best service possible to their clients. This is because the company is not a banking institution, but a service provider that offers debit card and checking account services sourced from a partner bank.

Shamir Karkal is the company’s co-founder and CFO and with this model he makes sure that Simple’s business is not to make money out of deposits and loans like banks do. The company only concentrates in providing the best debit card and checking account services so they don’t have a dual focus, they only have one, and that is you!

But the Visa debit card and the checking account are only the first part of a complete suite of services that include real time spending assistance and control, money management, customer support, and an incredibly intuitive and intelligent personal finance system.

With Simple you really manage your money.

In this interview Shamir talks about his background, what is Simple, and explains the service’s features:

Check out Simple here >>>

Simple >>>
Simple >>>

Confirmed: WealthLift Is The Best Resource For Investor Education [Video Interview]

Soroush Pour and Fabio Berger created the best resource to learn how to invest wisely and protect young investors from the perils of the markets and the risk of naive investing.

They started in the Berlin tech scene and then moved their base to Durham, NC, where they attended Duke University.

WealthLift starts with an e-learning type of course with videos, web pages, and quizzes, and then it introduces you to an active community of experienced and amateur investors who help each other in topics ranging from basic stock picking to advanced balance sheet analysis.

Check out WealthLift here >>>

In this interview Soroush and Fabio talk about their backgrounds and explain how they are educating a new generation of investors:

Start learning to invest or help others by sharing your wisdom at WeathLift >>>

WealthLift >>>
WealthLift >>>

Mike Norman Talks About WeFunder [Video Interview]

Mike Norman participated in the efforts to lobby and pass the JOBS Act which enables small businesses and start-ups procure financing using the power of the crowds and social media.

As a serial entrepreneur himself he also decided to start WeFunder an online platform that lets small investors participate in “angel” rounds of business start-ups.

Visit WeFunder here >>>

This is a big idea since that market has always been reserved for tight communities of sophisticated investors who always had access to the best new companies in tech and elsewhere.

In this interview Mike talks to us about his background, the status of the JOBS Act, and explains how Wefunder works:

Enroll at WeFunder to invest in the best start-ups >>>

WeFunder >>>
WeFunder >>>

Ryan Schaffer, Expensify’s Marketing Manager, Explains Their New Bitcoin Feature [Video Interview]

After Expensify announced yesterday their adoption of Bitcoin as a currency to submit expense reports and get reimbursements within their app, the value of the digital currency went up from $78 to $94.

This is not surprising as Expensify is the first big business to adopt the currency for the mainstream market. Before Bitcoin was mainly used within the hi-tech world.

This is Expensify’s blogpost >>>

Expensify is a compnay focused in delighting their customers with great service and in line with their philosophy “Expense reports that don’t suck” the inclusion of Bitcoin is another step in that direction.

In this video Ryan Schaffer explains the basics of what is Bitcoin and how it can be used with the Expensify expense report solution:

Start creating and managing your expense reports with Expensify >>>

Expensify >>>
Expensify >>>

Adam Nash Talks About Wealthfront [Video Interview]

Adam Nash of Wealthfront >>>
Adam Nash of Wealthfront >>>

Adam Nash is part of a growing team of pros managing one of the best investment advisory services in the new finance segment. From Silicon Valley Wealthfront is helping thousands of young professionals and executives manage over $170 million in investments (and growing).

It is not difficult to see why the company is experiencing this success given the level of detail and attention they pay to the real investment needs. From the impact of the right asset allocation, the cost of management fees, to how taxes can significantly change the outcome of your results, everything is analyzed and thought of.

And Wealthfront is not only an excellent online investment service, but is also a company with a mission. Their initial profile and asset allocation service is open so anyone, not only clients, can use it to manage their portfolios even if their accounts are at other firms. Their investment research and advisory team communicates their findings to the world through their blog and the company conducts live seminars to explain money management to anybody who wants to hear. Wealthfront wants to bring sophisticated money management to the world.

In this interview Adam Nash, COO of the company, talks about his background, how Wealthfront works, their philosophy, and explains different parts of the service:

Check out the Wealthfront Channel on Newfination >>>
Ask a question to the community and either me, a new finance company, or any member of Newfination will certainly help you! >>>


Andy Creak Talks About rplan [Video Interview]

Andy Creak is taking advantage of a regulatory disruption in the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) industry in the UK to enable users manage their own money and invest directly in financial products saving in management fees and commissions.

For this he created which is not an online financial adviser, but an application that lets you calculate, plan, and implement your investment strategy.

In this interview Andy talks about investing in the UK and explains rplan:

Check out rplan here >>>

rplan >>>
rplan >>>

Michael Kent Talks About Azimo [Video Interview]

Michael Kent has experience in the half a trillion dollar international remittance market since he is one of the founders of Small World, one of the biggest offline money transfer players in Europe.

But for the online and mobile world he and his partners decided to start to capitalize on the internet and social trends in the business. Also, the fact that they do it online and they enable many kinds of payments systems to send and receive money the have lowered costs for users to a fraction of what traditional players charge.

In this interview Michael talks about his background, the global money transfer industry, and Azimo:

To start sending money at a fraction of the cost go to Azimo here >>>

Azimo >>>
Azimo >>>