Brett Meyers Talks About [Video Interview]

Brett Meyers, an electrical engineer from Perth, Australia, is changing the way we send money internationally. Instead of going through the traditional international banking system now users can use to exchange and send money directly between themselves.

CurrencyFair is virtually a peer to peer foreign exchange marketplace and the end result is that the actual cost of sending money internationally is cut by more than 90%.

In this interview Brett talks about his background and explains what is CurrencyFair and how it works:

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Brett King Talks About [Video Interview]

Brett King is not only a programmer, a banking technology consultant, and the creator of, but he also wrote “Bank 2.0” the book that explains banking in the social and mobile era.

Brett is also in the speaking circuit explaining his vision for banking, but with he decided to make it a reality. Moven is a banking service where everything starts by opening an account and from there it’s all about spending assistance, mobile payment, the use of social networking for managing and moving money, and a general feeling that you are dealing with an artificial intelligence type of service.

In this interview Brett talks about his background, his experience in retail banking, and what is Moven:

Check out and get an invitation to use the service here >>> >>> >>>

Markus Ludemann Talks About [Video Interview]

Markus Ludemann started his career as a designer of user experience in tech companies and he is applying that knowledge to help Europeans (for now) manage their money in much better ways.

Where some new finance services only offer account aggregation, money transfer, or value added informtaion stemming from your accounts, Markus’ does everything. And not only that, he is opening his service as an API for other developers do it too.

In this interview Markus talks about his background, the Munich and Berlin financial technology scene, and explains how works:

Checkout here >>> >>> >>>

From London Florian Richter Talks About [Video Interview]

To describe it fast I could say that SumUp is the Square of Europe, but because many of us still don’t know what is Square itself in the US or how it works then this explanation by Florian Richter is perfect.

SumUp is a mobile payment solution, but I would say is really a payment solution for all small sellers and merchants across Europe. Up to now these businesses couldn’t have a credit and debit card system like the regular stores because of costs, bureaucracy, and technical restrictions. But now just by having any mobile device like a smartphone or tablet this is all resolved.

In this interview Florian explains, from London, what is SumUp, where and how it works:

This is SumUp’s demo on Finovate Europe, a financial technology trade show:

To start getting paid with SumUp go there >>>

SumUp >>>
SumUp >>>

From Estonia Felipe Millan Talks About [Video Interview]

Tallinn, Estonia, is called the “Silicon Valley of Europe”. Chilean entrepreneur Felipe Millan decided to move to Tallinn after some research and was sceptical about it’s reputation. To his surprise, when he got there he found the most modern city and a country where internet access is a civil right! In all of Estonia there is free WIFI and digital open government is the norm.

In this formidable environment Felipe is developing and about to launch Biletu, a web and mobile service that integrates messaging, real time event organization, and a payments system.

Biletu is a global service and in this interview Felipe explains what it is, how it works, and its features:

Visit Biletu here >>>

This is Felipe’s presentation at the February Finovate Europe 2013:

Say hello to Biletu >>>
Say hello to Biletu >>>

Mitch Tuchman Talks About [Video Interview]

Mitch Tuchman started and sold a couple of tech companies in the eighties and since then has dedicated his career to managing his and other people’s money. With the advent of the internet and its new applications he knew there could be a better way of investing without having to pay the exorbitant full service mutual fund fees.

As an asset manager and a tech person he decided to start an online portfolio manager service that currently manages and rebalances over 12 thousand ETF portfolios. MarketRiders is helping thousands of investors save up to 80% on their mutual fund fees.

In this interview Mitch talks about his background, his asset management career, and demos MarketRiders for us:

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Mati Greenspan Talks About Global Trading On eToro’s Platform [Video Interview]

Mati Greenspan is senior account manager at and he took sometime today to explain to us how is the foreign exchange market globally and how to trade on the eToro social trading platform.

From the eToro offices in Tel Aviv Mati spoke about currency trading and left it for the next video to talk about index and commodity trading:

Also read this article written by Mati that talks about “portfolio proportions” when trading and using leverage in the Forex space:

Check out’s social trading network here >>>

eToro Forex >>>
eToro Forex >>>’s Brian Gelsomino Explains Currency Trading On Their Platform [Video Interview]

Currency trading is a global $3 trillion market. Nevertheless in the US investors and traders focus on stocks and in America there are less than 200,000 currency traders compared to millions in the stock market. was born as a global Forex social trading platform and in this video Brian Gelsomino explains how US traders can use it to make money on currency trading:

Check out eToro’s social trading platform here >>> USA >>> USA >>>

Alexa von Tobel Talks About [Video Interview]

Many of us make the mistake of comparing with, but the reality is that on LearnVest the budgeting aspect is just the beginning.

On LearnVest you can link your accounts and have a complete view of your finances, but the main difference is that you can also do something about it. Not only does it have several sections covering education, advice, and information, but you also have access to the company’s team of Certified Financial Planners (CFP’s) nationwide.

Please watch our interview with Alexa von Tobel, Founder and CEO of LearnVest, where she explains the company’s platform and financial planning services:

Start organizing and planning your financial future with here >>> >>> >>>

Vincent Turner Talks About [Video Interview] is an intelligent tool that helps people plan their finances. After using it you get a “Google” type of experience. This is because it is designed to help you understand the topic at hand, your plans for your money in this case, and from there you can move on and make concrete decisions and implement solutions with other appropriate providers and resources.

Vincent Turner is a techie that knows about personal finance. First he created a map based real estate website in Australia when he was 17 before Google Maps even existed. After that he started a company that provided software for mortgage lenders that is still used by 90% of Australian financial institutions. And three years ago he decided to move to Silicon Valley where he started Planwise which is an easy to use, but powerful tool that promises to be the link between your plans and your reality.

In this interview Vincent explains his career, what is Planwise and how it can help you gain control of your financial future:

Start to understand and finally control your finances by using here >>>

This is Planwise’s institutional introductory video:

Jesse Podell Talks About [Video Interview]

From New York’s Soho, Jesse Podell, an ex-Wall Street proprietary stock trader, is creating the front page of stock investing ideas.

Just like Reddit helped us organize and prioritize news is making sense of stock market ideas using the wisdom of the crowds.

On Tradembark their team of editors aggregate the most relevant stock idea articles from the best publishers like Seeking Alpha, Insider Monkey, and Yahoo Finance. But sometimes the problem is that after reading about the stock a specific actionable “buy or sell” idea is not conveyed. On Tradembark users can find relevant ideas, share them, and, what’s better, add their buy or sell opinion.

This is a powerful way of understanding what the real buzz is about investment ideas where the protagonist is not necessarily a single guru, but the crowd in general.

In this video Jesse explains the service in its first days in “beta” testing and what it is looking to accomplish:

Be a main character in these investment stories, try here >>> >>> >>> Helps Us Avoid The Exorbitant Mutual Fund Industry Fees operates under one premise: mutual fund fees kill your long term returns.

Therefore the company’s mission is to help its users avoid these fees by offering portfolio management services and only investing in ETF’s which have fees that are a minimal fraction of that of traditional mutual funds. operates under one premise: mutual fund fees kill your long term returns.

Therefore the company’s mission is to help its users avoid these fees by offering portfolio management services and only investing in ETF’s which have fees that are a minimal fraction of that of traditional mutual funds.

The heart of their system is an asset allocation technology that analyzes your present situation and then recommends the best distribution between six asset classes like stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, and more.

Once you go through the asset allocation process you can automatically implement your new portfolio for free at Schwab, Vanguard, Fidelity, and TD Ameritrade. If you don’t have or don’t want an account at these institutions you can implement it yourself wherever you want.

When you migrate from your current mutual fund portfolio to MarketRiders’ ETF portfolios you save up 80% of your mutual fees. This is money that stays in your portfolio and is re-invested and compounded every year. After 15 years you can recover for yourself up to 33% of your money that otherwise would have gone to pay fees.

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Phillip Fremont-Smith Talks About [Video Interview]

Finally, a musician is solving our low savings rate problem!

As a veteran in finance and technology I had given up on trying to convince young people especially to save more. Spreadsheets, calculators, budgets, and projections were never effective when it came to trying to change my client’s habits. But fortunately today I discovered

Phillip Fremont-Smith, a former music student, turned marketing exec, turned serial entrepreneur saw the problem from a different angle. He understood that trying to change people’s habits was futile so he decided to go along with our natural impulse of consuming and transacting and built what appears to be the perfect solution.

In this video Phil explains ImpulseSave’s concept and how it is helping its users save on average $3,000 a year!

Establish your savings goals and meet them for real using >>> >>> >>> Is A Big Solution For Young Investors

When I read this article on CNN Money about the rise and fall of Andy Zaky a cold shiver took hold of my body. I have been promoting the use of online investment marketplaces and social trading networks for the last few months. This is part of my mission to promote new finance services, but it was a curiosity for me how on these platforms the majority of investment strategies were mainly short term trading.

When I read this article on CNN Money about the rise and fall of Andy Zaky a cold shiver took hold of my body. I have been promoting the use of online investment marketplaces and social trading networks for the last few months. This is part of my mission to promote new finance services, but it was a curiosity for me how on these platforms the majority of investment strategies were mainly short term trading.

Although short term trading is a good way of earning money in the markets it is clearly not a good strategy for the bulk of our savings. It is very risky to use trading as your main strategy to meet long term goals like college education for your children or retirement.

Andy Zaky’s story is about an investment guru that became notorious trading Apple (AAPL) stock in recent times, built a big following on the internet, and then many young investors who implemented his suggested strategies lost everything with high risk option trades.

The Apple-Debacle
The Apple-Debacle

This terrified me. As a 20 year Wall Street veteran I’ve seen many cases like this where it wasn’t about fraud like Bernie Madoff, but a young pro who started to get emotional about his trades and ended up realizing, too late for him and his clients, he was wrong.

My main concern is not necessarily that these things happen, but that with the internet and the services I was promoting the effects of these investing mistakes can be hugely amplified.

So, what is the solution? education. This is where I am glad to have found

Now I can feel more confident when I explain and promote excellent services like eToro, Covestor, and MotifInvesting because I can also suggest the use of WealthLift for young investors to learn about stock market investing before engaging in these platforms.

WealthLift is an intergrated investment community where everything starts with a good investment and stock market training. When you register everything starts with an online, e-learning type of education on what are stocks, how markets work, and how to create portfolios.

WealthLift accomplishes this by offering free online video and written classes with embedded quizzes along the way. After you “graduate” you may qualify to open an online account at a big online brokerage firm with some promotions including a $100 starting capital.

Check out WealthLift’s investment classes here >>> >>> >>>

After the educational process you remain as a member of WealthLift’s active investment community where you can interact with other investors and pros, and you can follow or be followed by fellow investors.

In addition to the above you have acces to stock research and you can start and manage a practice portfolio that others can see and follow.

So my fears are put to rest now that I know that on the internet there are not only some potential threats, but also some great investment services including excellent education on WealthLift that can prevent many amateur investors, especially the young, from making some common investment mistakes at the beginning of their journey.

Jason Mills And Puneet Lath Explain Features [Video Interview]

In our first interview with Jason Mills of Expensify he talked about the company’s concept and solution it provides. is a broad solution for managing business expenses. It all starts with an app you can download to your smartphone and when you incur in business expenses you take photographs of your receipts or you enter your cash, non receipt transactions, manually.

From there everything gets even better. Expesify integrates your business trip with your expenses, with your credit cards, with your receipts. From there you create your expense report and you can get reimbursed within the system. Also, the service includes an interface for employers to manage and approve business expenses.

In this video Jason Mills and Puneet Lath explain these features and how Expesnify turns expense reporting into something that doesn’t suck!

Go to Expensify here >>> >>> >>>

Brian Gelsomino Talks About eToro USA [Video Interview], the Global Social Trading Network, opened in the US 4 months ago. Now US forex traders can take advantage of the “wisdom of the crowds” using eToro’s global social network of traders.

From Wall Street, Brian Gelsomino is an exec responsible for the US operation and in this interview explains the service and how US investors can use it:

Start trading using eToro here >>> USA >>> USA >>>

Simon Roy Talks About [Video Interview]

Simon Roy is the President of and, like many of us, a creature in the middle of finance and technology. In his case he started in finance, but now lives and works at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Simon’s company,, is a perfect de-cosntruction agent in the financial services world as it helps investor plan and implement investing for retirement by providing key parts of the puzzle, but in a way where users don’t need to unwind everything they’ve done up to now. is an online financial Advisor that with sophisticated technology and financial knowledge solves the retirement problem in a very simple way.

Please watch this interview where Simon talks to us about how helps investors plan and invest for retirement:

Start, evaluate, and implement your retirement plan using the power of >>> >>> >>>

Andrew Pevsner Talks About [Video Interview]

Andrew Pevsner was until very recently a pro baseball player for the Dodgers’ minor leagues, but his economics and financial backgrounds and studies lead him to opt back into the markets.

A few months ago he decided to join the team at, the independent Facebook of the stock market, and he is also an active participant in the network.

In this interview he talks to us about and how it puts together investors, financial publications, and listed companies together to create intelligent conversations about stock market investing:

Please join the conversation at >>> >>> >>>

eToro’s Mati Greenspan Talks About Google, Apple, And Current Market Trends [Video]

From the Tel Aviv offices, Mati Greenspan tells us that with Italy in a political limbo and the budget stand-off in Washington he prefers to stay on the sidelines with respect to market trading.

Nevertheless he shared his thoughts with us about the Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) stocks, the blog post he is writing about diversification on the eToro platform, and how to select tarders to copy on the company’s CopyTrader platform.

Please watch the video here:

Capitalize the wisdom of the crowds investing on the eToro Social Trading Network >>>

eToro - Top financial traders >>>
eToro – Top financial traders >>>

Mary Anne Keegan Talks About BillGuard [Video Interview]

BillGuard is the world’s first anti-virus for bills. This means that they scan your credit and debit card bills and help you identify “grey charges”. These are merchant and credit card charges that you didn’t know you had agreed to (read this as “fine print”), but you really didn’t need or want.

For this they use the power of crowdsourcing and social media and they not only connect users to help each other, but they also provide a system to contact merchants and card issuers so you can resolve your dispute and process your refund faster.

Mary Anne Keegan is a specialist in banking data processing focused on fraud and “misunderstanding” like grey charges. She is Chief Marketing Officer of BillGuard and in this interview she explains what the service is and how it helps users, merchants, and card issuers manage this multi-million dollar problem.

BillGuard -   Grey Charge protection for your credit and debit cards >>>
BillGuard – Grey Charge protection for your credit and debit cards >>>

Jeff Brice Talks About [Video Interview]

Jeff Brice wanted to start saving for his niece when she was born, but found it was difficult to set up an account and invite other friends and family to pitch in. As an accountant that worked in trust and banking he knew how to solve this so was created.

In this video Jeff explains how TrustEgg makes it easy for everyone to use the security and the format of a trust to save for their children:

Visit TrustEgg here >>>

TrustEgg   >>>
TrustEgg >>>

Larry Baker And Charlie Tribbett Talk About [Video Interview]

Larry and Charlie are two ex-Wall Street execs trying to make financial services work better. Through they are helping established small businesses find capital to improve and grow their businesses.

Since 2008 it has been difficult for this segment to get loans and financing from traditional banks and financial providers. This motivated Larry and Charlie to create the Bolstr platform that makes it easier and much more efficient and transparent for their clients to source funds from friends, family, and the community.

In this interview they talk about their backgrounds, the JOBS Act, and they explain

To find funding for your small business go to >>>

Bolstr .com >>>
Bolstr .com >>>

Jason Mills Tells Us How Is Much More Than Your Business Expenses [Video Interview]

Jason is in charge of sales and support at the same time at Expensify as their philosophy is that “a sales event is the act of helping someone”.

Their motto says it all: “EXPENSE REPORTS THAT DON’T SUCK”.

Expensify is a company that learns how to help their users by observing and understanding their problems. With this spirit is that the product is constantly evolving and providing each time more solutions for professionals, execs, and employers that submit and manage business expenses.

In this interview Jason talks about the company, the web and mobile apps, and some more things to come:

Check out the Expensify Channel on Newfination >>>
Ask Me Anything! >>>
Ask a question to the community and either me, a new finance company, or any member of Newfination will certainly help you! >>>


Candace Klein Talks About [Video Interview]

Candace is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur, and founder of Bad Girl Ventures and SoMoLend. BGV helps women start and fund their businesses through mentoring, sponsoring, and education, but that was not scalable enough so Candace decided to start the SoMoLend platform to reach a much wider audience.

SoMoLend takes advantage of the new JOBS act to match small businesses and start ups with investors who get an attractive return on their loans.

In this video Candace talks about SoMolend, the JOBS act, and how small businesses and start ups can borrow money using the power of crowdfunding:

About Candace Klein:

Candace Klein
Candace Klein

Candace Klein is the founder and CEO of two successful startup companies: Bad Girl Ventures and SoMoLend. Candace launched Bad Girl Ventures in March, 2010. Bad Girl Ventures is a non-profit, micro-finance organization focused on educating and financing woman-owned startup companies. In its first two years of operations, BGV has received over 400 applicants, has educated over 250 businesses, has financed 26 women with $700,000, and has created 154 jobs across Ohio.

Candace also launched SoMoLend in May, 2011. SoMoLend offers new solutions for small businesses to get the money they need to launch and sustain their operations. SoMoLend is a new technology platform that connects business borrowers seeking loans of $1,000,000 or less with lenders looking to make a return on investment, doing well by doing good. To date, SoMoLend has partnered with KeyBank, who has committed to lending at least $1 million on SoMoLend, and up to $50 million, in the first year of operations.

Candace Klein received four bachelor degrees from Northern Kentucky University (Marketing, Management, Communication, Political Science). Candace began working as a lobbyist for the Northern Kentucky Chamber and United Way, and then began attending law school at Chase University. While attaining her law degree, Candace led the Communities Practice at Property Advisors, with the title of “Maven” and the job description, “run and think.” Candace continues to practice law at Ulmer and Berne, LLP with a focus on corporate law.

Go There >>>

SoMoLend - Go there >>>
SoMoLend – Go there >>>

Bill Harris Talks About Personal Capital [Video Interview]

Bill Harris has a long “technology meets finance” career as he created TurboTax, took it public, sold it to Intuit, and later became its CEO. After that, as CEO of PayPal, he helped revolutionize online payments and now he is transforming online investment advice with Personal Capital.

With Personal Capital he is proving that after years of evolution in financial systems and technology it is finally possible to provide a real integrated online solution to investment management and advice.

Personal Capital starts at helping you see and analyze all of your financial accounts in one place and from there it provides a complete suite of services to manage your wealth including personal human financial and investment advice.

The Difference Between And

This note is not about writing a review or a feature comparison chart since Manilla and Mint have very marked differences and, even though they seem to compete in the same space, they can actually be complimentary.

To read a review about Manilla please go here >>>

To read a review about please go here >>>

To see a comparison chart between and Manilla please go here >>>

What is the difference between Mint and Manilla?

My Money
My Money

Both companies provide web and mobile apps and both organize your financial information, but the main difference is how you relate to your providers.

In the case of Mint you have a complete view of your financial accounts including banks, brokers, insurance companies, and mutual funds. You can also budget, categorize transactions, set financial goals, and produce reports about your money so you make better decisions. It can be said that Mint centers around your money and it is very effective at that.

Manilla is centered around organizing your life regarding all your provider statements and bills. This not only includes your bank, broker, insurance, and mutual fund statements, but also your household bills like phone, utilities, cable, newspaper and magazine, and everything else “bills and statements” you get by mail or email. You can say that anything that has a due date can be organized by Manilla.

Manilla is so much centered around organization that you can even connect your daily deal payments due, like Groupon and LivingSocial, and household provider payments like handy-man, plummer, babysitter, and everything else non digital.

My Life
My Life

But, how do they connect you and your providers?

Mint analyses your finances and shows you ways to save by recommending products and services with lower fees or better ways to use financial services. To do this the company establishes relationships with financial providers and then they introduce their offers in the communications stream between Mint and you. This establishes a somewhat closed relationship where your providers talk to Mint, then Mint talks to you. Mint establishes itself as a new kind of middleman.

Although Manilla keeps all of your bills and statements forever, so you always have records of what you’ve spent, they do not delve into and analyze your accounts. Manilla also establishes a relationship with your providers, but then it connects them directly to you through the delivery of their bills and statements. This is implemented by letting all of their partners exclusively contact you with advice, recommendations, and offers each time you open their corresponding bills and statements.

In fact Manilla does not publish ads or offers by themselves, that is reserved to the providers that communicate directly with you. From your Manilla private page you can see what your providers have to say and you can decide to go to their websites if you want. Manilla establishes an open relationship between them, your providers and you.

So how are Mint and Manilla complimentary then?

Both models of relating with your providers are valid, sometimes you need to talk directly with them and sometimes it’s better for a “neutral advisor” to filter what might be a better offer.

Also, since Mint holds your historic information, you can track your money over time and you can work better on the financial aspect of your life.

Manilla, on the other hand, is much broader in that it helps you with all personal and household providers, and you can effectively track and be up-to-date with your weekly and monthly obligations.

Conclusion: In the future the two companies may decide to “invade” each other’s territory, but for now it is very convenient to use both.

Mati Greenspan About eToro’s Trading Account [Video Interview] is the worlds first and biggest social trading network with more than 2.5 million individual investment accounts. The platform consists of 4 parts:

1) OpenBook: the “Facebook” within eToro where everybody interacts to know what everybody is buying and selling.
2) the section where users can select and copy other users they follow who have high trading and investing performance.
3) Mobile: the app that delivers all the eToro services to tablets and smartphones.
4) WebTrader: the section where investors and traders access their accounts to see their balances, performance, and to execute trades and allocate money to copy peers from the network.

In this video Mati Greenspan talks about this last section, WebTrader, and explains its capabilities:

Go to etoro: >>>


eToro - Mati Greenspan
eToro – Mati Greenspan

Jon Stein, Founder And CEO, Talks About Betterment

Jonathan Stein studied Economics and Psychology and is applying that to disrupt investing as we know it right from the heart of Wall Street.

Since the beginning Jon worked in the financial industry advising big players with product development and risk management. Soon he realized how investment services could be much better, cost less, and more customer oriented instead of the traditional business models of Wall Street so he started in 2008.

Betterment provides investment intelligence in a very simple and flexible format accessible to everyone, please watch the interview here:

This is Jon’s profile on Betterment:

Jon is an engineer. An engineer who majored in economics at Harvard, studied finance at Columbia Business School, and became a Chartered Financial Analyst just for the hell of it.

For years he consulted the biggest…read more >>>


Betterment - Jon Stein  Founder And CEO Talks About Betterment

Sarah Kaufman Talks About [Video Interview]

Sarah Kaufman is Marketing Manager at and manager of the Manilla Blog. In this interview she talks to us about Manilla, the blog, and its parent company Hearst Corporation.

Manilla is an example of how the internet is blurring the lines between some industries as a Media company like Hearst is providing a financial information service.

But Manilla is not only about bills and statements, it also has an integrated blog with more than 75 professional contributors that help users with financial and general household organization topics. Within the star contributors Manilla’s blog features not only Sarah Kaufman, but also Linda Descano (CFA) of Citi’s Women & Co. and Certified Professional Organizer Monica Ricci among others.

Please watch the interview here:

Check out the Manilla Channel on Newfination >>> - Sarah Kaufman – Sarah Kaufman



Estrella Demonte Talks About And Latin America [Video Interview]

Estrella Demonte manages’s business in the Spanish speaking world (Spain and Latin America) and the Local eToro Partner Program globally: eToro has local partners as Introducing Brokers (IB’s) in many coutries around the world.

In this video Estrella talks to us about eToro’s platform and propsects for Latin America:


eToro - Estrella Demonte Talks About And Latin America   YouTube