From Estonia Felipe Millan Talks About [Video Interview]

Tallinn, Estonia, is called the “Silicon Valley of Europe”. Chilean entrepreneur Felipe Millan decided to move to Tallinn after some research and was sceptical about it’s reputation. To his surprise, when he got there he found the most modern city and a country where internet access is a civil right! In all of Estonia there is free WIFI and digital open government is the norm.

In this formidable environment Felipe is developing and about to launch Biletu, a web and mobile service that integrates messaging, real time event organization, and a payments system.

Biletu is a global service and in this interview Felipe explains what it is, how it works, and its features:

Visit Biletu here >>>

This is Felipe’s presentation at the February Finovate Europe 2013:

Say hello to Biletu >>>
Say hello to Biletu >>>