Simon Roy Talks About [Video Interview]

Simon Roy is the President of and, like many of us, a creature in the middle of finance and technology. In his case he started in finance, but now lives and works at the heart of Silicon Valley.

Simon’s company,, is a perfect de-cosntruction agent in the financial services world as it helps investor plan and implement investing for retirement by providing key parts of the puzzle, but in a way where users don’t need to unwind everything they’ve done up to now. is an online financial Advisor that with sophisticated technology and financial knowledge solves the retirement problem in a very simple way.

Please watch this interview where Simon talks to us about how helps investors plan and invest for retirement:

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eToro’s Mati Greenspan Talks About Google, Apple, And Current Market Trends [Video]

From the Tel Aviv offices, Mati Greenspan tells us that with Italy in a political limbo and the budget stand-off in Washington he prefers to stay on the sidelines with respect to market trading.

Nevertheless he shared his thoughts with us about the Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) stocks, the blog post he is writing about diversification on the eToro platform, and how to select tarders to copy on the company’s CopyTrader platform.

Please watch the video here:

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eToro - Top financial traders >>>
eToro – Top financial traders >>>

Mary Anne Keegan Talks About BillGuard [Video Interview]

BillGuard┬áis the world’s first anti-virus for bills. This means that they scan your credit and debit card bills and help you identify “grey charges”. These are merchant and credit card charges that you didn’t know you had agreed to (read this as “fine print”), but you really didn’t need or want.

For this they use the power of crowdsourcing and social media and they not only connect users to help each other, but they also provide a system to contact merchants and card issuers so you can resolve your dispute and process your refund faster.

Mary Anne Keegan is a specialist in banking data processing focused on fraud and “misunderstanding” like grey charges. She is Chief Marketing Officer of BillGuard and in this interview she explains what the service is and how it helps users, merchants, and card issuers manage this multi-million dollar problem.

BillGuard -   Grey Charge protection for your credit and debit cards >>>
BillGuard – Grey Charge protection for your credit and debit cards >>>

Jeff Brice Talks About [Video Interview]

Jeff Brice wanted to start saving for his niece when she was born, but found it was difficult to set up an account and invite other friends and family to pitch in. As an accountant that worked in trust and banking he knew how to solve this so was created.

In this video Jeff explains how TrustEgg makes it easy for everyone to use the security and the format of a trust to save for their children:

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TrustEgg   >>>
TrustEgg >>>

Larry Baker And Charlie Tribbett Talk About [Video Interview]

Larry and Charlie are two ex-Wall Street execs trying to make financial services work better. Through they are helping established small businesses find capital to improve and grow their businesses.

Since 2008 it has been difficult for this segment to get loans and financing from traditional banks and financial providers. This motivated Larry and Charlie to create the Bolstr platform that makes it easier and much more efficient and transparent for their clients to source funds from friends, family, and the community.

In this interview they talk about their backgrounds, the JOBS Act, and they explain

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Bolstr .com >>>
Bolstr .com >>>

Jason Mills Tells Us How Is Much More Than Your Business Expenses [Video Interview]

Jason is in charge of sales and support at the same time at Expensify as their philosophy is that “a sales event is the act of helping someone”.

Their motto says it all: “EXPENSE REPORTS THAT DON’T SUCK”.

Expensify is a company that learns how to help their users by observing and understanding their problems. With this spirit is that the product is constantly evolving and providing each time more solutions for professionals, execs, and employers that submit and manage business expenses.

In this interview Jason talks about the company, the web and mobile apps, and some more things to come:

Bill Harris Talks About Personal Capital [Video Interview]

Bill Harris has a long “technology meets finance” career as he created TurboTax, took it public, sold it to Intuit, and later became its CEO. After that, as CEO of PayPal, he helped revolutionize online payments and now he is transforming online investment advice with Personal Capital.

With Personal Capital he is proving that after years of evolution in financial systems and technology it is finally possible to provide a real integrated online solution to investment management and advice.

Personal Capital starts at helping you see and analyze all of your financial accounts in one place and from there it provides a complete suite of services to manage your wealth including personal human financial and investment advice.

Mati Greenspan About eToro’s Trading Account [Video Interview] is the worlds first and biggest social trading network with more than 2.5 million individual investment accounts. The platform consists of 4 parts:

1) OpenBook: the “Facebook” within eToro where everybody interacts to know what everybody is buying and selling.
2) the section where users can select and copy other users they follow who have high trading and investing performance.
3) Mobile: the app that delivers all the eToro services to tablets and smartphones.
4) WebTrader: the section where investors and traders access their accounts to see their balances, performance, and to execute trades and allocate money to copy peers from the network.

In this video Mati Greenspan talks about this last section, WebTrader, and explains its capabilities:

Jon Stein, Founder And CEO, Talks About Betterment

Jonathan Stein studied Economics and Psychology and is applying that to disrupt investing as we know it right from the heart of Wall Street.

Since the beginning Jon worked in the financial industry advising big players with product development and risk management. Soon he realized how investment services could be much better, cost less, and more customer oriented instead of the traditional business models of Wall Street so he started in 2008.

Betterment provides investment intelligence in a very simple and flexible format accessible to everyone, please watch the interview here:

Sarah Kaufman Talks About [Video Interview]

Sarah Kaufman is Marketing Manager at and manager of the Manilla Blog. In this interview she talks to us about Manilla, the blog, and its parent company Hearst Corporation.

Manilla is an example of how the internet is blurring the lines between some industries as a Media company like Hearst is providing a financial information service.

But Manilla is not only about bills and statements, it also has an integrated blog with more than 75 professional contributors that help users with financial and general household organization topics. Within the star contributors Manilla’s blog features not only Sarah Kaufman, but also Linda Descano (CFA) of Citi’s Women & Co. and Certified Professional Organizer Monica Ricci among others.

Please watch the interview here: